L’auberge des crètes

About us

A new life,
a new team

Honorably known and appreciated in the region for a long time. This house had been dormant, closed for several months when someone fell in love with it.


The easiest way, without a doubt, when you want to get to the Auberge des Crètes, is to take the direction of Dinant, then take the pretty little road that winds for a handful of kilometers towards Falmignoul, a charming village a little the gap, which has managed to preserve its authentic character. We go up a sloping street, and we suddenly come across a large long house, with its typical facade of the region, in solid limestone rubble and blue stones, of a rustic elegance, well planted on its base decorated with flowers and greenery, where a few tables and chairs already invite you to stop there.

A young chef at the helm:

The one who made this resurrection possible is a young 30-year-old chef, Prescilie Pauwels. A bubbly young woman, with a frank and determined character, for whom exercising this profession has always been obvious, even if the path has sometimes been difficult. First an apprentice, then climbing the stages, Prescilie will never stop perfecting herself, especially in contact with Stéphanie Thunus, restaurant Au Gré du Vent in Seneffe. Until becoming the second in the kitchen, a great responsibility in an establishment with a Michelin star.


Make no mistake about it: behind her communicative smile and her apparent shyness, Prescilie is someone determined, energetic, who does not calculate her hours or her work, a real enthusiast who offers cuisine that has character, personality.

A cuisine from the heart, /
with character

Those attentions that make the difference

What could be more pleasant than being spoiled when you are at the table?

The Auberge des Crêtes is one of those places, which are becoming rare, where you are guaranteed to be homemade, from desserts to bread, including of course appetizers and small delicacies accompanying coffee or tea. Without forgetting a famous breakfast for customers who have slept on site. A real joy !